Run CMAQ with Golobal emission dataset (GEIA)

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I want to run WRF and CMAQ with Global emission like GEIA .I have created the WRF output. and I have completely installed the CMAQ and I can run the CMAQ 2016 test case without any bugs.
But I don’t have any idea about how prepare the global emission as input for other word after downloading the Global emission from GEIA ( what should I do ?
Please describe with details for me.I really am beginner in CMAQ and your points will be very useful for me.
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This is really a great question without a super simple answer. Global emissions are typically lat/lon and generally speciated (NOx, SO2, NH3, NMVOC, BC, OC), while CMAQ is usually run lambert conformal with very specific speciation (NO, NO2, SO2, carbon bond 6 vocs, and ae7 aerosols).

For anthropogenic emissions, the EPA/OAQPS/AQAD/EIAG group does have an EDGAR-HTAP processor built in to SMOKE, but it is oriented toward a very specific dataset (with some post processing). It takes global data and makes CMAQ-ready data. @bbaek or @eyth.alison can provide more details.

GEIA (really ECCAD) does have inventories for other sectors (biogenic, volcanos, soil NOx, fires) and for other sources of anthropogenics. I am not aware of comparable processors for other sectors or sources.

I think it would be good to have


As of SMOKE v4.5, SMOKE can process the EDGAR global inventory to generate CMAQ-ready chemically spectated gridded hourly emissions with some limitations. Because EDGAR inventories are pre-gridded, we can only apply a single speciation profile and a single set of temporal (monthly, weekly and diurnal) profiles by each EDGAR sector. Here is the detail information on how to process EDGAR global emission inventory files through SMOKE.

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