Hemisphere 108-km CMAQ SMOKE input and WRF namelist

Dear all,

I’d like to create IC and BCs for my 2023 June CMAQ simulations investigating the Canada wildfire impacts. The archived hemisphere 108-km CMAQ are from 2018 and 2019, so I’d like to run my own WRF-SMOKE-CMAQ for the hemisphere case, so I can create IC and BCs. Could you please let me know where I can download the necessary inputs (such as SMOKE inputs and run script) as well as the WRF namelist and MCIP run script. Thanks!



The hemispheric run is reasonably well document for the 2011 case, where the inputs are available on our ftp site (https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2011/hemispheric/). I have posted some example WRF and MCIP namelists (https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/aqmg/bhenders/CMAQ/hemispheric) for you.

There is an operational HTAPv2+CEDS+THU that is documented. Newer SMOKE inputs from HTAPv3, but a documented SMOKE-ready HTAPv3 version is not available yet – that is a project in-progress.

That is as close to a direct answer to your question as stated.

I’ll also add that Hemispheric CMAQ is not your only option for IC/BC for June 2023.

  • NASA’s Goddard Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) runs a daily forecast (3 day) and a retrospective hindcast (1 day) collectively referred to as the Goddard Earth Observing System Composition Forecast (GEOS-CF). GMAO has many methods to extract GEOS-CF subsets (GEOS-CF: Composition Analyses and Forecasts), which can then be interpolated to the WRF vertical structure, and translated to the CMAQ chemical/aerosol mechanism.
  • The Wisconsin RAQMS system has available data (http://raqms-ops.ssec.wisc.edu/; archive is short-term, but older usually available upon request)
  • The European CAMS model has similarly available data. (CAMS Global atmospheric composition forecasts | ECMWF)

Lastly, you might find the NASA HAQAST Tiger Team a useful place to talk about ICBC Tiger Teams – NASA HEALTH AND AIR QUALITY APPLIED SCIENCES TEAM – UW–Madison.


Hi Barron,

Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. I have two follow-up questions

  1. Can you also upload a WPS namelist so I can learn how to set up the domain.
  2. Glad to know more options for IC/BC, do you know any software which can do speciation to prepare CMAQ IC/BCs? I know you developed geos2cmaq for GEOS-chem. Is it working for NASA’s products?


Sorry I missed this for so long.

  1. I’ve added a namelist.wps. No warranty expressed or implied.
  2. geos2cmaq does not work for newer products.
  3. aqmbc is its successor, but it doesn’t work for GEOS-CF. The HAQAST Tiger Team is working toward testing, documenting, and sharing something that does.

Again, sorry for the really long delay.
namelist.wps-108km-hemispheric-domain.txt (855 Bytes)