I use mozart2camx to process mozart output and obtain CMAQ IC, BC boundary?

I can process mozart2camx but output don’t successfully write !
>>—>> WARNING in subroutine WRITE3
Variable not in file: OUTFILEBC
M3WARN: DTBUF 0:00:00 Sept. 30, 2017(2017273:000000)

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine mozart2camx
 Error writing to OUTFILEBC
 Date and time  0:00:00   Sept. 30, 2017  (2017273:000000)

You may need to contact the CAMx user support for help with this.

@cgnolte, @foley.kristen or @Ben_Murphy can assist this ticket?

Hard to say what is going on there, but maybe the user is attempting to rerun the program to overwrite an existing output file, and the new file has a variable that is not present in the original output. If so, the solution is to first delete the existing output file.

Yeah. I had solved this question with help from mozart2camx developer!

That is a great news! Do you mind sharing your findings with us for others to learn from it? Thanks

Attached is a revision to the “mozart2camx.txt” code from Chris Emery. Please replace in your source code directory and re-compile.
mozart2camx.txt (87.1 KB)