Error installing mozart2camx tool

Hello everyone!
I will use WACCM data as the boundary field for the CAMQ model. I have an error compiling the modeza tool. Below is a screenshot of the error. Can anyone give me a hint, thanks.

Program mozart2camx does not appear to be using the non-Standard-conforming “fixed-132” source format that CMAQ insists upon, judging by the flags in this command-line for ifort. Therefore, it should be using the INCLUDE-files out of the ioapi directory, not the ioapi/fixed_src directory.

Actually, it should USE M3UTILIO instead of INCLUDE-ing these files anyway: this has been the recommended practice since I/O API Version 3.0 in 2002… ;-(

Perfect answer. :grinning: :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face: