I want to use DESID (emission_control) with new size distribution (AERO_DATA)

I want to apply different size distributions to GRID emission (AREA emission)

so I add AIR_FINE in Emission control file

and then I add AIR_FINE in AERO_Data.F

But when I checked the LOG file, CMAQ did not import NEW aero_data file.

I am not sure my method is wrong or not.
Of course, I read DESID paper.
Murphy_EGU_2021_(The Detailed Emissions Scaling, Isolation, and Diagnostic (DESID) module in CMAQv5.3.2).

I want to know what else I should do to get right results.

It seems to me that you are on the right track!
First, I have to ask: did you recompile the CCTM?

Of course, I recompile the CCTM after modifying AERO_DATA.F.
It is working But it cannot import data.

DESID is a very powerful feature introduced in CMAQv5.3, but it is also rapidly evolving, with new features added in subsequent releases.
So that we can try to replicate the issue you are experiencing, please state exactly which version of CMAQ you are using.


Please try removing the two ‘EVERYWHERE’ entries in the SD_NML table. The rows should begin with the stream label field. Admittedly, the layout of the template is not quite intuitive. There should only be 3 fields on each row (stream label, the surrogate mode label, and the reference mode ID).

Best wishes,
Ben Murphy

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After removing the Region label (which was not on SD), it is working well.

Thank you,