Layered SMOKE emissions using met data from a different year than emissions


I am trying to process the smoke layered emissions for the year 2016. However, the met data we have is from 2018. The error I obtained while running this was shown below.

I was wondering what settings need to be fixed in the run script to ignore the date/time of the met data.


Easiest way is to update the date of your met using m3tshift tool from IOAPI as long as you are ok to use a different year met for your emission modeling

Thank you so much for your reply. I was able to use the m3shift tool to re-assign the date/time to the met data.

I also have one more question related to the layered emissions. Is there a way that we can figure out the height of each emission layer? For example, I have set SMK_EMLAYS to 8 and want to know the heights of each layer wrt the ground level.

If you check METCRO3D mcip file, you should be able to get the layer height information from ZF and ZH. ZF represents the full-layer height above ground and ZH is for mid-layer height above ground. Any further details can be found from MCIP user’s guide.

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