Met4moves TemperatureProfileID

I am trying to use results from met4moves (RH and Temp) as inputs into MOVES (I am using the MOVES GUI app) for the meteorology input file. The question I have is, how do I select the appropriate TemperatureProfileID from the output files? The output generates multiple TemperatureProfileID rows for each reference county with different temperature ranges in each TemperatureProfileID row. I tried to find out the function of the TemperatureProfileID inorder to figure out how to select the appropriate temperature profile ID row, but couldn’t find any specific guidance. What can I do in this instance? Best.

Please check out the SMOKE-MOVES post-processing scripts. Especially, check out the runspec_generator script that use the Met4moves output files to generate the temperature bin-specific runspec input file for MOVES model.

Thanks. I’m looking at it. If I run into more questions, I’ll email. But for now, I think I am sorting something out with the references you’ve provided.