Onroad as nonpoint for CB6

Hi - I am trying to process onroad emissions (these, from the 2017 platform: ftp://newftp.epa.gov/air/emismod/2017/2017emissions/2017gb_onroad_SMOKE-MOVES_emissions_FF10_29jun2020.zip ) as nonpoint.

I found these scripts to try to accomplish this: https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2017/onroad_as_nonpoint_saprc_speciation_scripts_inputs.zip
But I am using CB6 mechanism (specifically CMAQ_CB6+AERO6), not SAPRC. Are there GSPRO and GSREF files on the ftp somewhere that I can use? I note that the readme for the onroad as nonpoint suggests using the Speciation Tool to create a new GSPRO file for a new chemical mechanism. But I do not have the Speciation tool nor do I know how to use it :confused:

Lexie, we could either provide you the ancillary files for you to speciate with CB6, or provide you a nonpoint inventory with all the CB6 species already computed in it.

Do you have a preference?

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Ancillary files would be preferred!

Try this:

Use the INVTABLE and GSREF from the /Air/emismod/2017/onroad_as_nonpoint_saprc_speciation_scripts_inputs.zip package: (These will work for either CB6 or SAPRC)

  • invtable_MOVES2014_custom_speciation_16nov2015_v0.txt

  • gsref_onroad_custom_speciation_MOVES3.txt

Use the nonroad GSPRO from the regular 2017 ancillary data package (/Air/emismod/2017/ancillary_data/ge_dat_for_2017gb_speciation_29jun2020.zip):

  • gspro_nonroad_cmaq_cb6ae7_2017gb_17j_nf.txt
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Thanks! I gave this a try and noticed that the AGREF file in the Monthly_onroad_inv_respeciate_12US1_EQUATES_2017.csh is missing from the 2017 platform ge_dat gridding folder: mgref_onroad_MOVES3_28aug2020_v0.txt
When I run it with this mgref from the 2017 platform mgref_onroad_us_2014platform_18sep2018_v5.txt, I get zero emissions in the resulting ncfs

@eyth.alison can you share this file with me? mgref_onroad_MOVES3_28aug2020_v0.txt

I think it is in the ge_dat file here:


Hi again - I am still getting a “zero” ncf result when I run the script (attached) with your recommended inputs. I have checked all the ancillary files you recommend - I noticed that the GSREF file ( * gsref_onroad_custom_speciation_MOVES3.txt) only includes EPM_NONHAPTOG, EVP_NONHAPTOG, EXH_NONHAPTOG, RFL_NONHAPTOG. Do I need to modify the GSREF to include PM species, NOX, CO, NH3, SO2?
Monthly_onroad_inv_respeciate_4UDAQ_EQUATES_2017.csh (7.3 KB)

I tried this and am still getting an empty result.

Hi Lexie,

Try setting FILL_ANNUAL to Y – we see that it’s N in your script. If you are running a monthly inventory, then FILL_ANNUAL must be set to Y or else all of the model-ready emissions will be zero. This is due to the way in which SMOKE internally processes monthly inventories.

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This worked! Thank you so much for helping me!!