Question about the output of species for CMAQ-DDM v5.3.2

Hi everyone,
I am still a beginner in using CMAQ-DDM-3D and I have run successfully the CMAQ_v532_DDM-3D. But i meet some trouble when i want to export only part of the species. If i set the CONC_SPCS only O3, DDM-3D sensitivity output files will not in the output directory(CTM_SENS_1, A_SENS_1).

Does DDM have to export all species? What should I do if I want to export only part of the species?

Hi Polaris,

I do not think CMAQ v5.3.x includes DDM function. Please see CMAQ-DDM for v5.3.3 - #2 by foley.kristen.


DDM uses the same subset instruction as the base concentrations. To subset the species, you need to change the “AVG_CONC_SPC” line in the runscript. If you are not getting sensitivity output files, check to see if your compiled the model with the right switch to enable DDM-3D.