Run EMF scripts in NEI2017 for CB05


I checked 2011v2 provide cb05, could I use eftables files, gspro and gsref from that package directly to run NEI2017? Is there other things I need to pay attention or suggestion in order to get available emission with CB05 for 2017?

Thank you.

We do not recommend using 2011v2 for CB05 – the version of MOVES is much older as is the input data and there would be many missing profiles.

Is there a reason you cannot run CB6? CB6 is posted for 2017 platform – have you reviewed that?

We think you could approximate CB05 by summing some of the species.

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Thank you for your quick reply!
I need to run WRF/Chem with CB05.
I used nco command like “ncap2 -O -s” to combine CB06 species from output emission files to be CB05, I am not sure if it is correct. So I think it may be better to get CB05 output from SMOKE directly.
Could I use nco command to do that?
Do you have any suggestion for command to sum species?

Thank you!

About the use of nco with these files, see

I/O API files are not synonymous with “netCDF files” !!
Instead, netCDF is one of four (and a half) distinct lower layers on which the data and metadata structures for I/O API files are currently available; additional lower layers have been incorporated at times in the past, and may very well be incorporated at various times in the future. Attempts to treat the I/O API as “just a data format” have consistently failed in all cases because the persons attempting to do so have not fully understood the I/O API data structures embedded in these files

For summing these files, etc., see M3Tools programs m3combo which does general linear combinations (including sums as a special case), and m3diff which does pairwise sums, differences, normalized differences and other 2-file operations.