Running the 2017 emissions modeling platform for other grids

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I am a new user for the 2017 emissions modeling platform. I would like to run the 2017 emissions modeling platform for other grids.

The README file says that:

The scripts can be adapted to run for other grids. First, in the directory_definitions.csh script, edit REGION_ABBREV and REGION_IOAPI_GRIDNAME. You also may need to change other inputs in each individual sector script, such as spatial surrogates (SRGPRO / SRGDESC), transportable fractions (XPORTFRAC), gridded meteorology for onroad (METMOVES), ocean chlorine (for the sector merge), and biogenic land use and seasons (BELD4 and BIOSEASON).

I know how to edit SRGPRO / SRGDESC file, but how can I change these .ncf file such as XPORTFRAC, METMOVES, BIOSEASON for fitting my own grids?
Much appreciated for your help!

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Is your grid aligned with the EPA grids at 12 or 4km or is it a different map projection with grid cells that are not aligned?

My map projection is the same as the EPA map projection now.
The original grid setting at the 2017 emissions modeling platform is:

2, 33.0D0, 45.D0,-97.D0,-97.D0, 40.D0
‘12US1_459X299’, ! abbrev.=12US1, common name = Continental 12km grid
‘12CONUS1’, -2556000.000, -1728000.000, 12.D3, 12.D3, 459, 299, 1

My own gridding setting is:
2 33.000 45.000 -97.000 -97.000 40.000
’ ’
‘LAM_40N97W’ 756000.000 -456000.000 12000.000 12000.000 130 140 1

Hi Alison,

Now I could run the 2017 emissions medoling platform successfully with my own domain and the horizontal resolution of 12km using those tools’ zip files released on the EPA website( I have another question that what should I do if I want to run the 2017 emissions medoling platform with the EPA grids at 30 km? Much appreciated for your help!

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We don’t typically use a 30km grid. Did you mean 36km? We haven’t applied a 36km grid o 2017 platform but we have used it for our 2016 platform, although that wouldn’t necessarily stop you from running 2017 with the 36km grid.

I notice that the spatial surrogates at different grids (4, 12, 36km) are provided on But If possible, I would like to use 30km grid because my mcipout data is at 30km grid. Thank you!

Unfortunately, since the grids don’t align, you would need to recreate the spatial surrogates from scratch on your grid.


An alternative is it interpolate your met. data onto a modeling grid that matches the available surrogates, but you may not want to do that.

Okay, I would try to recreate the spatial surrogates. Thank you!