Setenv: Too many arguments

When I am installing CMAQ5.3, the step that I type ./config_cmaq.csh gcc 7.5.0 or ./config_cmaq.csh gcc ,the error occur that

Compiler is set to gcc
setenv: Too many arguments.

this is my file of config_cmaq.csh.config_cmaq.csh (10.7 KB)

I don’t see it immediately, but the obvious thing is to put the statement

set echo

at line 2 of the script, and find out exactly where the script goes wrong.

Looks like this line in the “case gcc” block is the culprit:

setenv myLINK_FLAG “-fopenmp” openMP not supported w/ CMAQ

Looking at the blocks for the other compiler cases, this should probably be changed to

setenv myLINK_FLAG #"-fopenmp" openMP not supported w/ CMAQ

Or better:
setenv myLINK_FLAG "-fopenmp"
and simioloarly for the other compiler-choices.

The default I/O API supports OpenMP applications, in particular ones in M3Tools, SMOKE, and others outside EPA (MAQSIP, AHRMS, REFLEX); these link flags do NOT adversely affect the operation of CMAQ; and this OpenMP support has been in place for more than 24 years. CMAQ should not be going off in its own way on this.

openMP not supported w/ CMAQ is bogus and irrelevant. If you don’t use OpenMP, then linking it in because it’s needed for other applications will have no impact on CMAQ performance.

Insisting on special builds just for CMAQ is lousy engineering. No: lousy hacking . (Think about other “system” libraries: do you want a particular custom libc? Good luck with that!)