SMOKE looks for "MET_CRO_2D" files out of my simulation time period

I’m running SMOKE onroad sector: ca_adj_RPD, from 2107-03-24 to 2017-03-31.
But it returns an ERROR in movesmrg_RPD_onroad_ca_adj_mar_2017gb_17j_20170301_4SS_cmaq_cb6ae7.log saying that:

MET_CRO_2D :/home/ym/WRF_out/wrf_202303/METCRO2D_170303
>>—>> WARNING in subroutine OPEN3
File not available.
Could not open file “MET_CRO_2D”

And this where my metcro_2d file starts: METCRO2D_170324

Any idea on this error? Thanks!

Are you using EPA-provided met data or your own met data?

Does your modeling domain cover California? If not, you don’t need to run onroad_ca_adj

I’m using WRF output for my met data.

My domain only covers California