Speciation conversion questions

Thanks a lot for your kind help with this issue!


Hi Eyth,

I have one more question about speciation file for 2016 v1 platform. As the files from the link you gave me. SAPRC07 profiles in 2017 platform will be used to generate the 2016 emissions. However, I found in the README file that the gspro file for onroad/onroad_ca_adj and othpt should be modified a little be in SMOKE-MOVES. May I know where can I find the instructions for these sector?

We don’t currently have othpt and onroad profiles. The Canadian part of the othpt file comes to us prespeciated into CB6 species.

Are you planning to run SMOKE-MOVES from scratch or would you plan to use the county total FF10 onroad inventory and speciate that into SAPRC?

What domain (grid) are you running?

I am running emissions for US 12km domain but I am not using the provided domain in the NEI. I am trying to generate the emission for my own domain using SAPRC but since the gspro file from 2017 is not for some sector (onroad, othpt, et al,), so I am thinking how could I generate the SAPRC emission for these sectors.

We provided SAPRC instructions for using the 2017 platform county-total emissions with the 2017 package.

Would that suffice for your work?

Is it work for 2016 emissions? I will try if it can provide speciation profile for 2016 emission.

We recommend that instead of running SMOKE-MOVES, you use the provided county-total onroad emissions here:


using the package here:


You can use the package posted under 2017 with the 2016 emissions. Just replace the inventories (there are two, EMISINV_A and EMISINV_B) in the run script with the 2016fh onroad FF10 (that would just be EMISINV_A).

For othpt, does your domain require parts of Canada?

Thanks for your suggestion and help. I will try and let you know how it works.


I have one more question. I notice that the GSPRO in onroad and onroad_ca sectors are also for CB6 only. How could I convert to the SAPRC? The GSPRO profile is for MOVE_CB6, can I directly replace it with the GSPRO SAPRC file I got in 2017 platform which is “gspro_SAPRC07TC_AE7_SPECIATE_5_1.txt”

The package onroad_as_nonpoint_saprc_speciation_scripts includes this file – you would use that:


As I noted in the previous response, the full package is here:


So sorry that I miss this information in the previous reply. Thanks for your help


Thanks for reading. I had an issue when run nonpt using 2016 v1 platform. I was trying to generate the emission with SAPRC speciation. I use “gspro_SAPRC07TC_AE7_SPECIATE_5_1.txt” as your recommended (this GSPRO file works will for most of other sector) but got error of:
ERROR: detected in Spcmat
ERROR: Running smk_run for part 1 in jul_2016
inlog = /scratch/general/lustre/copycky/data/nei/2016/air/emismod/2016/v1//2016fh_16j/intermed/nonpt/logs/smkinven_nonpt_jul_2016fh_16j.log

However, SMKINVEN has a normal completion in the end. I track the log file of SPCMAT and found:

*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine ASGNSPRO
Problem assigning speciation profiles to sources
The log file is attached.

Do you know how to solve this issue? Hope to receive your help. Thanks.


spcmat.log.txt (5.7 KB)

The error is because PM profile 92018 is an older PM profile and isn’t in our newer GSPROs.

The easiest fix is to edit the GSREF and replace “92018” with “91006”.