Species_Mapping_Tables for EPA 2016v2 modeling platform


I am trying to convert CMAQ ready SMOKE emissions files to CAMx using CMAQ2CAMx software for the 2016v2 modeling platform.

The species mapping file I got from EPA’s ftp://newftp.epa.gov/air/emismod/2016/v2/ link where EPA used " MAPTBL.CMAQ-CB6R3AE7_to_CAMXv7_CB6+CF_07aug2020.txt" (attached)
MAPTBL.CMAQ-CB6R3AE7_to_CAMXv7_CB6+CF_07aug2020.txt (3.3 KB)
file in script located 2016fj_16j/scripts/camx.

When I am using that species mapping file, I get the following error

Then I edited the MAPTBL file (added .START and .END)
Modified_MAPTBL.CMAQ-CB6R3AE7_to_CAMXv7_CB6+CF_07aug2020.txt (3.3 KB)
. Then I get following error:

Would anyone please help me determine if that’s the appropriate species mapping file?


This is a CAMx conversion issue, possibly a situation where one of the CAMx conversion programs behaves differently your computer. The MAPTBL file should work fine as is. This is happening with the Spcmap program in particular. Are you using the pre-compiled Spcmap executable from the EPA package (unzipped to INSTALL_DIR/camx/bin/) or a different version?

Hi @eyth.alison , Thank you so much. Spcmap executable from the EPA package does not work in my system.

So, I have installed spcmap and cmaq2camx using
Makefile.txt (1.5 KB) from RAMBOLL CMAQ2CAMx software.

This installation perfectly worked before when I used this
MAPTBL.CAMx.CMAQ_CB6_EMIS.txt (3.6 KB) MAPTBL file for a previous project.

But it is not working for this
Modified_MAPTBL.CMAQ-CB6R3AE7_to_CAMXv7_CB6+CF_07aug2020.txt (3.3 KB) specific MAPTBL file.

It is likely that Ramboll’s version of the conversion tools are different from EPA’s and that is why the MAPTBL doesn’t work. We suggest the following:

  • The 2016v2 package includes the source code for EPA’s versions of the conversion tools (unzipped to INSTALL_DIR/camx/src/). Can you try compiling that code? We are unsure of all of the differences between Ramboll’s code and EPA’s, so this is the best way to ensure consistency with the EPA methods.

  • If the compilation doesn’t work and you need to use the Ramboll version, in the EPA version of the MAPTBL (the “Modified” one), try removing the “59” after .START. As “59” corresponds to the number of species. Based on the other MAPTBL, the Ramboll conversion code doesn’t seem to expect the number of species to be explicitly listed in the file.

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The source code in 2016v2 package used ifort compiler (FC = ifort),My system doesn’t have ifort. So, I used pgi compiler (FC = pgf90).

It works after removing “59” from the MAPTBL file using my existing setup.

Thank you so much