Error running CMAQ

Hi,I made the following error when using CMAQ5.3.2 for simulation. The chemical mechanism is cb6r3_ae6_aq. I have never encountered this situation before. Thank you. I attach my own log file.

CTM_LOG_001.v532_pgi_cn36_20190110.txt (67.8 KB)

I believe this is just a warning and not an error.

     ATTENTION: Attempt to include subgrid cloud effects: photolysis rates           
       include ACM CLOUD effects. It would be prudent to examine diagnostic            
       cloud fractions.
     >>--->> WARNING in subroutine INIT_PHOT_MET on PE 001
     Variable CFRAC_3D (cloud fraction) not found in MET_CRO_3D
     M3WARN:  DTBUF 0:00:00   Jan. 10, 2019
     Model will diagnose layer cloud fraction using Randall (1995) and Hong          
       (1998), based on mixing ratios of water vapor and its condensed states.         
       You may want to reprocess the meteorological data to obtain layer cloud         
       fractions if possible.

          INIT_PHOT_MET: Cloud has QC, QR, QG, QI and QS

Thank you for your reply. I have realized the problem.