Finding CMAQ species dry/wet deposition files in the Data Warehouse

Are (dry/wet) deposition output files CCTM_DRYDEP* and CCTM_WETDEP* from a reference CMAQ output saved somewhere in the CMAS Data Warehouse? I am trying to compare the deposition of species for different seasons of the year between my CMAQ run and a reference CMAQ output in the Data Warehouse.

We do not have deposition data on the CMAS Data Warehouse at this time, other than the output from the small benchmark dataset which will not help in your case.

There is annual total deposition for 2002-2012 from CMAQv5.0.2 available here:

The only place for seasonal CMAQ data, that I know of, is on EPA’s RSIG site: RSIG Data Inventory | US EPA

This has hourly deposition data for 2002-2012 but it is also CMAQv5.0.2 output. We will be uploading a more recent set of hourly deposition data to RSIG this fall that uses CMAQv5.3.2.

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