How to run PA in CMAQ v5.2

I revise the run.cctm, then ./run.cctm, but it suddenly stopped without any error information. And I don’t know how to solve.

The modifications are as follows:

setenv CTM_PROCAN Y          #> use process analysis [ default: N]
#> user must check GRIDDESC for validity!
setenv PA_BCOL_ECOL "1 214"
setenv PA_BROW_EROW "1 175"
setenv PA_BLEV_ELEV "1  4"
setenv PACM_INFILE /home/zhangj/CMAQ-5.2/CCTM/src/ICL/procan/pa/pa.inp

The log files are as follows:

    Library release tag: $JDate: 2010068 $

     $Id: @(#) ioapi library version 3.1 $
     Version with PARMS3.EXT/PARAMETER::MXVARS3= 2048
     netCDF version 4.1.3 of Sep 20 2019 22:04:39 $

     EXECUTION_ID: CCTM_v52.exe-master-pa-test
     Value for GRID_NAME:  'M_12_08CHINA'

     File "GRIDDESC" opened for input on unit:  98

     Value for IOAPI_CHECK_HEADERS not defined;returning default:   FALSE

     "MET_CRO_3D" opened as OLD:READ-ONLY
     File name "/mnt/Data3/zhangj/Yaoxh/UAV-model/inp/12km-MEIC-MEGAN/met/2020320/METCRO3D_cn12_2020320"
     File type GRDDED3
     Execution ID "mcip"
     Grid name "METCRO_M_12_08CH"
     Dimensions: 214 rows, 175 cols, 14 lays, 16 vbles
     NetCDF ID:     65536  opened as READONLY
     Starting date and time  2020320:000000 (0:00:00   Nov. 15, 2020)
     Timestep                          010000 (1:00:00 hh:mm:ss)
     Maximum current record number        25

     GC Species Namelist:

     AE Species Namelist:

     NR Species Namelist:

     TR Species Namelist:
     Value for CTM_PROCAN:  Y returning TRUE
     PA_DATAGEN: Process Analysis is activated

The log file output that you provided contains no error messages.
Please try to use the following command to find the processor that failed with an error.
Go to the directory where the CTM_LOG_* files are and use the command:

grep -i error CTM_LOG*

If there is an error recorded in the CTM_LOG files, you should find at least one error message. Here is an error message that I found using the above command, as an example.

CTM_LOG_063.v54_gcc_Bench_2016_12SE1_20160701:     *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine retrieve_ocean_d on PE 063

If there is no error message in the per-processor log files, then we need to examine how you are submitting your job, and where the messages to the standard error and standard output are written.

Please also attach your run script, and provide the example command for how you run the script.
This will help us understand

  1. how many processors you are using
  2. what job scheduler you are using
  3. what the name of the standard out and error log file is