"NUL character seen" error when compiling jproc (CMAQ5.3.1)

Dear all,

I am having the following error when compiling jproc program:

file RXNS_DATA_MODULE.F90 Makefile:68: warning: NUL character seen; rest of line ignored

The error happened to the path to the ioapi library but I don’t know how to solve it.

I compiled jproc with the following compiler and libraries:

NetCDF-Fortran -4.5.3
ioapi 3.2

I attached the log file, Makefile, config.cmaq, and bldit file for your reference. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Makefile.txt (4.1 KB)
log.txt (38.2 KB)
config.cmaq.txt (10.6 KB)
bldit.jproc.txt (8.8 KB)

If you look at your Makefile, line 68, you have a bunch of null characters (hex code 00) in the specification of IOAPI:

IOAPI  = -L$(LIB)/

There are so many null characters the end of the line -lioapi does not show up.
Try deleting those extra characters, and then re-invoke make.

Dear Cgnolte,

Thank you very much for your advice. By deleting all the null characters and manually adding the path to the IOAPI library, I managed to compile the jproc program. But whenever I run the following command:

./bldit.jproc pgi

The null characters show up again in the Makefile. I would like to ask how to avoid those characters from showing up when running the bldit.jproc file?

Thank you very much for your kind support.

I am not 100% sure, but I think the problem is in the way you edited the build script to create the configuration file that is used by bldmake to generate the Makefile. I am not sure that “netcdff” is recognized by the utility. Instead, you might need to combine multiple libraries the way the release version of the script does:

echo "libraries    $quote$LIBS$quote;"       >> $Cfile

where LIBS is defined as set LIBS="$LIB1 $LIB2 $LIB3" as appropriate.

This is not something you will need to compile too often, so once you have gotten JPROC to compile I would just declare victory and use it rather than worry about the “right” way to modify the bldit script.

Dear Cgnolte,

Thank you very much. I will take your suggestion.