Region input for CMAQ DDM-3D model

Hi all,

I would like to compute the sensitivity from several regions and need to create the region input for CMAQ DDM-3D model. I created one region.ncf with ioapi library but it looks incorrect. Does anyone have an example of the region input file? By the way, is the boundary input the same format as the region input? Thank you in advance!

The “OCEAN” file is the simplest example of the region file.


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Hi Sergey,
Got it, thank you! I try to create a Region file similar as Ocean file.

Hello Sergey,
I have tried in vain to compute sensitivities to a specific region using v5.3.2 (domain-wide sensitivities seem to (reasonably) run successfully)…is the IREGION functionality possible in v5.3.2?..if yes, how should i implement.

The region functionality exists and should be functioning. Perhaps, try using the regions functionality to manipulate the emissions files in the base code without DDM. If you can get that to work, it is exactly the same functionality.


Thank you so much…this was a very helpful guidance.