The result of OC simulation is too small

dear all:
I want to simulate OC with CMAQ(cb6r3_ae6_aq). I find that the cb06ae6 contains generation of OC. But my result is too small (e-21). So how to rise the OC mass in the simulation? My PM2.5 species contain POC, should I input OC and BC source in the SMOKE in addition? Or should I change the EmissCtrl_cb6r3_ae6_aq.nml in the section of Fine-Mode Primary Organic Aerosol Scaling? Thank for all your help.

It seems the parallel discussion in this other thread helped address your problem by clarifying the contents of the EmissCtrl portion of your CMAQ setup and the specific CMAQ output species you needed to look at. If so, this thread could be marked as solved.

You are right, thank you for your help.